About us:

Who are we? Well, he’s a guy who fantasises about being tiny and she’s a girl who fantasises about donuts, so naturally, the universe stuck them together. *shrug*

In their free time they create content for the macrophilia community. Chris is pretty passionate about it and takes it rather seriously so any feedback on content is welcome – see bottom of page!

For the most part, Shay and Chris exist as an average sized couple but behind closed doors they act out their miniature matrimony for both their and your enjoyment. And as it’s only these two “weirdos” working together, expect to see a lot of their faces in the clips. The themes will change regularly and they’re open to suggestions to improve and titillate.

Occasionally you may see other models in our videos!

If we make enough sales, money will go towards models and equipment.

Hope you like what you see!

Shay & Chris

Email: hybrid9731@outlook.com